Weights and measures

Is the weighing and measuring equipment you are using accurate?

Almost all goods today are sold by some reference to either its weight or measure, whether by the pint, litre, gram or metre. This includes everyday items such as bread, petrol, beer, clothing material, sand or virtually anything else you can think of. Trading Standards enforce a complex set of regulations designed to ensure that the public and businesses can have confidence in their purchases and ensures fair competition. We do this by:

  • verifying that weighing and measuring equipment is initially accurate
  • routinely visiting businesses and checking weighing and measuring equipment
  • checking products already in the shops
  • reacting to complaints of short measure

Business Companion provides guidance on the rules on selling goods by weight or measure – quantity, labelling, equipment and inspections.

If you need advice on weights and measures or want to arrange equipment testing, contact Trading Standards on 01473 264859.

If you are a consumer wishing to complain about short measure you should contact Citizens Advice Consumer Service on 03454 040506.