Trading standards for businesses

How Suffolk Trading Standards works to achieve a safe and fair business environment by guiding and protecting legitimate traders.

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Free and impartial support from Suffolk Trading Standards

Free impartial business support and advice to help new and existing businesses in Suffolk.

Business Companion website

Business Companion provides information for businesses and individuals that need to know about trading standards and consumer protection legislation

Selling age restricted products

How we protect children and young people by enforcing the law to prohibit underage sales of age restricted products.

New measures to protect poultry against Avian 'bird' Flu

About a declared Prevention Zone introducing enhanced biosecurity requirements for poultry and captive birds, helping protect them from a strain of avian flu.

Livestock health and welfare

Promoting and maintaining the standards of animal health and welfare in Suffolk.

Weights and measures

Find out if you using the correct weighing and measuring equipment.

Fair trading

Advice and information to help business on trading standards law.

Working with food and drink

How we work to ensure that food and drink regulations are complied with, so consumers can be confident in what they buy.

Law about claiming products are safe for the environment

Advice to businesses on environmental and green claims.

Scams targeting businesses

Details of scams targeting businesses and how to make yourself aware of these scams.

Trade in illegally imported cats and dogs

Information about imported cats and dogs from abroad, and the consequences of illegal ownership.

Product safety

Product safety advice for businesses and manufacturers; who to notify about unsafe products and how to contact the Import Surveillance Team in Suffolk.

Single point of contact for border controls of non-food products

Details of new arrangements regarding entries to the UK subject to Trading Standards controls.

Find a weighbridge

Location, opening times and contact details of weighbridges in Suffolk

Advice on the storage of fireworks

Advice on storing and selling of explosives, fireworks and other pyrotechnics