Scaffold or hoarding licence

Apply and pay for any scaffold or hoarding that affects a public road, pavement, cycleway or verge.

Scaffold licences are:

  • only issued to scaffolding companies with qualified scaffolders
  • not issued to individuals

How to apply

Send a application form to or by post to:

Suffolk County Council
Network Assurance Licencing Team
Phoenix House
3 Goddard Road

Contact Highways England if you need to erect a scaffold or hoarding on a trunk road.

Download the application form

Before you apply

To obtain a scaffolding licence you will need a copy of the:

  • up-to-date accreditation for the on site erector
  • company's public liability insurance with an insured sum of no less than £5,000,000. We reserve the right to increase this threshold for locations needing extra cover


The different fees:

  • The fee for each licence is £70 (excluding VAT) and lasts for 8 weeks
  • Any extension will require a new licence and payment of £70
  • Any inspections required due to non-compliance with the conditions will face a £50 charge per inspection

The licence fee will not be refunded if the application is not approved.

Paying for a scaffolding licence

Read about how to pay for a scaffolding licence.

All cheques should be payable to Suffolk County Council.