Outside and Celebration ceremonies

How to arrange an outside or celebration ceremony in Suffolk, what's included in the cost and why couples pick an outside or celebration ceremony.

Currently, government guidance does not permit us to carry out this type of ceremony (29 June 2020).

An Outside or Celebration ceremony is a bespoke ceremonial alternative to a legal marriage ceremony. It's usually held in a location which would not be eligible to be licensed for marriages or civil partnership.

Why should I pick an Outside or Celebration ceremony?

You get a greater choice of where you wish to celebrate your marriage.

For example, couples who:

  • have married legally abroad without family and friends present but now wish to have a celebration of their marriage
  • are from different religious backgrounds
  • wish to marry somewhere that isn't licensed for weddings, such as a marquee in their parent’s garden, or outside, or where the premises is not licenced for civil ceremonies or other location

How do I arrange an Outside or Celebration ceremony?

Contact a Suffolk register office to arrange an Outside or Celebration ceremony.

These ceremonies can be held within the months of British Summer Time, which are usually the last Sunday in March to the last Sunday in October and are completely temperature and weather dependent.

Cost of a Celebration and Legal ceremony package 

Check what fee you need to pay for a outside and celebration ceremony.

The fee includes:

  • Bespoke ceremony in a location which would not usually be eligible for licensing for marriages to include inspection and assessment of proposed location by the celebrant.
  • Planning meeting with your celebrant.
  • Basic legal ceremony in our one of our local authority rooms for no more than 6 guests (Monday to Friday) or at the approved venue immediately preceding or after your Celebration ceremony.

Not included:

  • Statutory fees payable for the legal preliminaries or certificates.

Are there any legal requirements?

There are no legal requirements for the ceremony itself, however, you would need to consider the options for your legal marriage or civil partnership.