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Bespoke celebration, renewal of vows, outside ceremonies and combined legal and celebration package

Arrange a celebration ceremony, renewal of vows or a combined Legal and Celebration package, what's included and what fees are involved.

Our experienced celebrants can offer a range of bespoke alternative ceremony options to suit your needs.

Bespoke celebration and renewal of vows ceremonies

Celebration and Renewal of Vows Ceremonies are not legally recognised, but contain include a wide range of ceremonial content such as exchanging rings, personalised vows and music.

You can work with one of our experienced celebrants to create your own individual ceremony, tailored to your personal wishes. 

Popular choices

  • if your chosen ceremony location is not licensed for marriage and civil partnership under the ‘Marriages and Civil Partnerships (Approved Premises) Regulations 2005’
    • E.g. in a private garden or in a marquee.
  • if you've married in a legal ceremony abroad and are looking to hold a ceremonial occasion locally for friends and family.
  • if you wish to hold a renewal of vows ceremony to celebrate a special anniversary or mark an important occasion.

An inspection and assessment of the proposed location will be required in most situations. An additional £75 fee will be charged for this.

Combined Legal and Celebration Package

If you wish to legalise your marriage, we can also offer a combined package to arrange a legal simple Register Office Ceremony alongside your bespoke Celebration Ceremony. The package includes:

  • Bespoke ceremony in a location which would not usually be eligible for licensing for marriages & civil partnerships.
  • Inspection and assessment of proposed location by the celebrant
  • Planning meeting with your celebrant
  • Basic legal ceremony in one of our local authority rooms, for no more than 6 guests (Monday to Friday)

Not included:

  • Statutory fees payable for the legal preliminaries or certificates
  • Marriage or Civil Partnership Certificates

Outside Ceremonies

Until recently, it was not legally possible to hold a marriage ceremony in an open outdoor location. This has now changed.

The Government has introduced new legislation to enable marriage and civil partnership ceremonies to take place outdoors. This is only applicable to venues that have been approved under the ‘Marriages and Civil Partnerships (Approved Premises) Regulations 2005’.

Outside areas will not be available at all venues so couples are advised to check with their chosen venue to see what may be possible. More information is available at GOV.UK.

Arrange a celebration, renewal of vows, and combined legal and celebration package

Contact a Suffolk registration office to arrange or enquire.

Cost of bespoke celebration, renewal of vows, and combined legal and celebration package

Check what fee you need to pay.

Legal status of bespoke celebration and renewal of vows ceremonies

Our bespoke ceremonies will look and feel very similar to a legal ceremony. But, it is important to be aware that they have no legal status and are not recognised in law.

Choosing our Combined Legal and Celebration package will ensure your marriage is legally recognised.