Direct payments

Information about the payments made to you or the person you're looking after so that you can buy care services independently

What is a Direct Payment (DP)?

One of the ways that you can take your personal budget from Suffolk County Council (SCC) or Norfolk and Suffolk Foundation Trust (NSFT) is as a direct payment.

Your personal budget is the money that we have worked out is available for you to have to spend on your care and support. The person who is helping you to arrange your care services will tell you how much this is.

You can get a direct payment if you are a carer and are able to have a personal budget. Find out more about Carer's Assessments.

You can also get a one-off direct payment for certain items of equipment to help you live independently at home.

Having a direct payment means that some, or all, of your personal budget is paid directly to you.

You can also use your direct payment to help you on a regular biases, see the page on employing a personal assistant to help you for more information.

More information about direct payments including what you can use them for and how to arrange one, can be found on our care and community directory, Suffolk InfoLink.

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