Suffolk Learning Disability Partnership

A partnership of family carers, self-advocates, advocacy, Health and Social Commissioners, voluntary organisations, housing, Healthwatch and hate crime officers

What is the Learning Disability Partnership? on Vimeo.

What is the Suffolk Learning Disability Partnership Board?

An independent partnership of self-advocates, family carers, health and social care commissioners, police, Healthwatch, voluntary organisations and housing providers.

What is its Purpose? 

The partnership will work with people to achieve the vision:

The Vision

Who is on the partnership board?

The partnership includes:

  • Self-advocates
  • Family carers
  • An advocacy organisation
  • Health and social care commissioners
  • Housing providers
  • Healthwatch
  • Police

What will the partnership board do?

The Partnership Board will:

  • Lead and drive the strategy, using co-production
  • Champion change and be an example to others
  • Be creative and encourage creativity
  • Share good practice 
  • Support the completion of the Annual Joint Assessment Framework
  • Host an annual celebration of success and planning for the next year
  • Produce and deliver a strong, clear, engaging communications plan


The partnership board will achieve this through Strategy priorities, which can be read in the governance summary document (PDF, 5MB).

These will be led by Workstream Leads and Champions.

Learning Disability Partnership Board Governance

Learning Disability Partnership Board Governance (PDF, 2.25MB)

This document explains the governance arrangements for the Learning Disability Partnership.