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We are almost ready to begin the procurement process for the Locality Service which means no further consultation is possible. However, a few more items have been identified that we would like to share with you and would welcome feedback:


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A paper on the future model of home care and support will be considered by Cabinet on the 9 October 2018.

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Four events were held in July 2018 updating providers already working in Suffolk or interested in working in Suffolk.

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Four events were held in March 2018 updating providers already working in Suffolk or interested in working in Suffolk.

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Over 500 people have shared their experiences of home care services with Healthwatch Suffolk after one of the largest research projects of its kind across the Healthwatch network. Healthwatch Suffolk worked in collaboration with Suffolk County Council to contact users of its home care services.

People responded to an initial survey, which asked them to rate their care and leave feedback. In addition, 50 interviews were conducted with more than 70 service users, their families and carers.

Several themes were identified and structured under areas known to be essential requirements of effective home care as identified in national reports and guidance, produced by Healthwatch England and the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE).

The evidence from both the surveys and the interviews show that service users are extremely positive about their carers. Satisfaction ratings in the surveys are very high, with most respondents reporting a ‘good’ or ‘excellent’ rating. The report also identifies areas that could be improved to enhance the quality of local care.

Find more about the report and download copies from Healthwatch Suffolk.