Apply for housing related support

How to apply online for housing related support or update your existing application.

How to update an existing application

Call 01473 265696 or email to make any changes to an existing application or would like an update to an existing application. Don't apply again. This will delay your existing application. 

How to apply for the first time

You'll need to answer questions about:

  • your current housing situation
  • any financial issues contributing towards your housing problem
  • your mental and physical health
  • drug and alcohol use
  • offending history

The information you provide will be used to identify the type of housing support that best suits your needs, or direct you to alternative support. It's important that you answer accurately and honestly, as any errors may result in a delay to your application.

Give yourself enough time to apply online

  • The form will take up to 30 minutes to complete
  • You can't save the form and return to it later on, so make sure you have enough time
  • You must complete the application within 45 minutes or the form will time out for security reasons 

You can also ask your district or borough council, housing association, support agency or professional that you're working with, or family or friends, for help to complete the online form.

Before you apply

Before completing this form please ensure that you:

  • are living in or relocating to Suffolk
  • agree to the information you provide being shared confidentially with other relevant organisations. Find out more in Adult and Community Services privacy notice.
  • have the person's agreement if you're applying on their behalf

Call us on 01473 265696 or email if you have any questions about your existing application or need to update an existing application.

Apply (new applicants only)

After you apply

We'll use the information you've provided to decide what type of support you might need.

If you need support where you currently live

  • Your information will be passed onto our community support provider Home Group who'll contact you as soon as possible to complete an in-depth assessment

If you need support in supported accommodation 

  • You'll be added onto our waiting list
  • Your application will be passed onto our accommodation providers who'll contact you if a place becomes available
  • In the meantime you may be contacted by our community support provider Home Group to see if there's anything they can help you with while you are waiting for accommodation to become available.

Please be aware that due to high demand we are unable to guarantee supported accommodation for everyone on the waiting list.

Other ways to apply

If you're unable to apply online because of a physical or learning disability, language restriction or because you're unable to access the internet, please call us on 01473 265696 or email

All applications made by referral agencies must be made online.

Get help with your application

For help completing the online application try asking:

  • Friends or family 
  • Your district or borough council housing team 
  • Your housing association or landlord 
  • A support agency or professional that you're working with, e.g. a social worker or healthcare professional