Carer's assessment

Why a carer is entitled to a carer's assessment and how to complete one and where to find local support for carers in Suffolk.

The Care Act entitles you to a carer's assessment if you care for someone.

This looks at the different ways caring affects your life, and work out how you can carry on doing the things that are important to you and your family.

What is a carer's assessment?

It covers:

  • your caring role
  • your feelings about caring
  • your physical, mental and emotional well-being
  • how caring affects your work, leisure, education, wider family and relationships

Carers experience of completing a carer's assessment

Learn from carers stories, advice and ways of coping (PDF, 2MB) in their experience of completing a carer's assessment.

Further information and support

More information on carer's assessments including, things to think about, support and help if a carer needs more support, can be found on out care and community directory.

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Carer's assessments on Suffolk InfoLink

How to start the assessment process 

Please contact Customer First. Due to call volumes its often quicker to use webchat, by using the button on the bottom right hand side of the screen.