Care and support assessment

Find out what a care and support assessment is, how it works and check if you would benefit from it.

The aim of a care and support assessment is to find out: 

  • what you can do for yourself (your strengths)
  • what help and support you have or could have from the people in the community around you
  • the things you may need some support with to keep you well and independent - like healthcare, equipment, help in your home or residential care

You must be 18 or over, live in Suffolk and appear to have needs for care and support to have the assessment. 

How it works

The assessment is normally a conversation between:

  • you (or the person you look after)
  • us (a trained person from Suffolk County Council or an organisation we work with)
  • anyone who supports you already, such as a doctor or your neighbour

The assessment will cover your:

  • physical needs, such as any help you need to wash, dress, or get in and out of bed
  • mental and emotional needs, such as whether you can carry on working, volunteering or being able to meet your friends

What happens afterwards?

You'll get a copy of the outcome. This will show if you're eligible for help from the council based on national eligibility criteria.

We'll also put you in touch with organisations that may be able to help you, such as local charities.

Check if you'd benefit from an assessment

You can find out if you'd benefit from a care and support assessment by using our self-assessment tool on Suffolk InfoLink.

Go to the self-assessment tool

The tool will tell you:

  • how to request support if you would benefit from a full assessment of your needs 
  • if you're eligible for financial help towards any potential care you need
  • local support and services that can help you live independently at home