Help at home, care home information and mental health

Information on what help we provide, and how to access support with an assessment

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Need support and not sure what to do?

What the first steps are to getting more support.

Find help and support in your area

Look for groups, clubs, activities and services in your community to help you live independently.

Home care

Information on how to get home care, and eligibility for support from us.


How you can be supported to have your say, express your views and be heard.

Care and support assessment

Find out what a care and support assessment is, how it works and check if you would benefit from it.

Transition to adult care and support

Information to help if you are moving from children's to adult care and support services.

Occupational therapy

How Occupational Therapy can help you remain independent and maintain daily living.

Social care in hospital

How our teams in hospital can advise, support and help plan for discharge.

Mental health

Where to find help if you are worried about your own, or someone else's, mental health.

Care homes in Suffolk

Find advice and information about care homes, including residential and nursing homes in Suffolk.

Home First

Home First is an in-house care service who work on behalf of Suffolk County Council.


Dementia and memory loss support in Suffolk