Get winter ready

Advice and tips on how to prepare for a green, healthy, caring and safe winter. Find out how to support others in your community during the colder months.

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Tips for getting #WinterReady

Winter ready: be greener

Find out how to be environmentally friendly during the winter months, including reducing waste, energy and pollution over Halloween and Christmas.

Winter ready: be healthy

Find out how to take care of your physical and mental health and wellbeing during the winter months.

Winter ready: be caring

Find out how to care for your community during the winter months, including looking after animals, people and roads and pavements.

Winter ready: be safe

Find out how to stay safe indoors and outdoors during the winter months, including preparing for severe weather and travelling in winter conditions.

Winter ready: read all about it

See the latest news and opinion columns from Suffolk County Council about getting winter ready.

Winter ready: important information

Find out if schools or nurseries are closed, latest travel information and what services are running in Suffolk during severe weather.