Suffolk County Council Key Priorities

Suffolk County Council has a clearly defined mission statement

Endeavour HouseWe will make a positive difference for Suffolk. 

We are committed to working together, striving to improve and securing the best possible services.

Supported by 5 priorities:

Economic growth and jobs

Suffolk County Council will work to create the right conditions for growth and inward investment leading to job creation. We will focus on areas of strength including ICT, food, drink, agriculture and tourism. Working with government, the LEP, districts, boroughs, partners and the voluntary sector we will continue to deliver on initiatives such as broadband, the transport infrastructure and tourism.


Suffolk County Council is committed to improving the attainment and aspirations of children and young people. We will achieve this by completing the school organisation review moving to two tier across the County and through the Raising the Bar Initiative.

Caring for vulnerable people

Suffolk County Council will continue to be central in providing a safety net to the most vulnerable in our community. Through our public health work and through early intervention and prevention we will strive to improve the health, life chances and life expectancy of our residents.

Localism and our place

Suffolk County Council will work with partners to deliver on community needs. We will move away from the focus on individual services and look at the needs of a community in the round. A perfect example of this is our work on the single public sector estate bringing services together in one place for the benefit of the people who use them.

Building on Suffolk’s strengths

Suffolk is a fantastic county with a reputation for being safe, healthy, green and inclusive. Specifically we will continue our work to become the greenest county and work with the new police commissioner to remain a safe place to live and work.

Read the news story which covered the launch of the priorities including the speech given by Councillor Mark Bee, Leader of Suffolk County Council.

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