Raising the Bar

Raising the Bar (RtB) is Suffolk's response to tackling levels of education attainment in Suffolk. As a relatively affluent county we should be doing better. Solving this problem is not something any one person or organisation can do alone - only by working together will we be successful.

The Raising the Bar mission is to ensure:

  • Every child exceeds their potential
  • Every school exceeds its potential
  • Every child is taught by a good or outstanding teacher
  • Every child attends a good or outstanding school
  • Every vulnerable child is supported swiftly and effectively
  • Every child is given the best preparation for life beyond school

The county council asked the RSA (Royal Society of Arts) to carry out an independent inquiry, working in partnership with mentors, teachers, governors and other professionals, to get a view of where efforts should be focussed in order to maximise the benefit for young people. The RSA produced a report and an executive summary is being used to focus work relating to Raising the Bar.

Key areas are:

  • Building a better relationship between schools, post 16 education providers and businesses to ensure young people are gaining skills and knowledge that is linked to the job opportunities available both in the county and further afield.
  • Completion of the Schools Organisation Review programme - moving to a preferred option of a two-tier school system across all of Suffolk.
  • To encourage members of the Suffolk community to become champions for attainment in Suffolk schools as governors and mentors.

RtB is everyone's business - we all have a part to play in supporting young people to gain the skills and qualifications that will help them to be successful in the future. If you would like to get involved with Raising the Bar or would like further information please contact raisingthebar@suffolk.gov.uk.

Read the latest update and forward plan that tracks progress against the RSA recommendations

What is in the section

Raising The Bar - Videos

How people across the county are committed to Raising the Bar

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Raising the Bar - Bulletins

These are all the latests bulletins about Raising the Bar

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Raising the Bar - Challenge Fund

The County Council and the developing Learning Partnership are in the process of finalising the criteria and the process of applying for the Challenge Fund

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Raising the Bar - Employers and Educators

Find out more how about schools are teaming up with business leaders

  1. National Careers Week
  2. Raising the Bar - Pilot brokerage scheme
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Raising the Bar - Events

Information on all the Raising the Bar events, summits and workshops

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  3. Raising the Bar - Get Involved
  4. Raising the Bar - Lowestoft Rising education summit
  5. Raising the Bar - Putting it into practice
  6. Raising the Bar - Suffolk Summit
  7. Raising the Bar - Supporting successful futures together
  8. Raising the Bar - Valuing Parents
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Raising the Bar - FACTory

A collection of facts and useful resources relating to Raising the Bar

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Raising the Bar - Solution Groups

The stakeholder groups working together to raise aspiration across Suffolk

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Raising the Bar - The Report

Please read the full report or the executive summary.

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Raising the Bar - latest news

All the latest news about Raising the Bar

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Raising the Bar: Suffolk Educational Awards 2014

It is time for us all to recognise and reward excellence and hard work that goes on in Suffolk schools, colleges, early years and all other educational settings

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The Maths Challenge 2013

The Maths Challenge 2013 is a home-link newspaper project produced in partnership by the Learning and Improvement Service and The EADT and Ipswich Star.

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The Suffolk Learning Partnership

A learning partnership for Suffolk is currently being developed with more deailed plans due to be published in February 2014.

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Valuing parents – Information standards for schools

All schools know that valuing parents and providing information to families is a key part of their work.

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