Lieutenancy and Honours

Information on the Lord Lieutenant of Suffolk

Clare Countess of Euston, is the current Lord Lieutenant of Suffolk.

How do I contact the Lord Lieutenant

The Chief Executive of Suffolk County Council is Clerk to the Lieutenancy.

The Lord-Lieutenant may be contacted at the:

Suffolk Lieutenancy Office
Suffolk County Council
Endeavour House
8 Russell Road

Telephone: 01473 264004


Etiquette and protocol

This information is provided to assist those who are planning an event to which the Lord-Lieutenant has been (or is to be) invited, and some guidance on etiquette.

What is the correct form of address for the Lord-Lieutenant?

Written: Clare Countess of Euston, HM Lord-Lieutenant of Suffolk

Salutation: 'Dear Lord-Lieutenant' or 'Dear Lady Euston'

In a speech: In the preamble the Lord-Lieutenant is referred to as 'My Lord-Lieutenant'

Conversation: 'Lady Euston' or Lord-Lieutenant'

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