Finance at Suffolk County Council including funding, pension and statement of accounts information


Geoff Dobson - Director of Resource Management

Key Purpose

The Finance Department supporting Suffolk County Council collectively provides a range of strategic, professional and management accounting services that are fundamental to the success of the Council.

These services are managed by Geoff Dobson who is the Council's Statutory Financial Officer (i.e. Section 151 Officer under Local Government Act 1972).  Geoff and his team are responsible for: 

  • strategic financial advice and guidance;
  • technical accounting;
  • capital spending, financing and borrowing;
  • treasury management;
  • insurance;
  • accounts payable;
  • accounts receivable;
  • pension fund accounts and investment strategy;
  • financial systems;
  • financial control and budget management; and
  • medium term financial planning and budget setting.

Statements of Accounts

Audit of Accounts - Notice of Public Rights 2014

Audit of Accounts - Notice of Public Rights - 2013

Audit of Accounts - Notice of Public Rights - 2012


The Audit Commission is the Auditor to Suffolk County Council.  The maintenance and integrity of the financial content on the Suffolk County Council website is the responsibility of the audited body; the work carried out by the auditors does not involve consideration of these matters and, accordingly, the auditors accept no responsibility for any changes that may have occurred to the financial statements since they were initially presented on the web site.  For the latest Annual Audit and Inspection Letter, please go to the Our Performance page.

What is in the section

Council data and transparency

Data on the council's expenditure, resources, structure and salary scales.

  1. Council expenditure and contracts
  2. Fraud
  3. Local authority land and property
  4. Staff salaries and councillor allowances
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Our role is to help people apply to the main external funding sources: Europe, the Lottery, charitable trusts and the Government.

  1. European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)
  2. European funding
  3. External Funding Data Services
  4. LEADER | Funding for rural businesses and organisations
  5. New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership
  6. Work Inspiration Service
  7. Explore Funding further

Paying for services online

Information on how easy it is to pay for things online.

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Pension Fund and Accounts

Information on the Suffolk County Council Pension Fund and Accounts

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Working Differently

Information for third parties interested in providing services currently delivered by Suffolk County Council

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