Public Speaking at Meetings

How to participate in Suffolk County Council meetings.

The council is keen to provide opportunities for people to have a say in its decision-making and to get involved in its public meetings.

If you are interested in speaking at a meeting, the key points to note are:

  1. You must be resident in, or a registered local government elector for Suffolk
  2. You will be time limited
  3. You must not say anything defamatory or offensive, or require the council or committee to disclose confidential information
  4. You must have notified us, in writing, giving your name, contact details and what you wish to speak about.

The way in which public participation takes place and the deadline for applying to speak vary according to the type of meeting. For full details choose one of the following:

There are some meetings that consider business relating to individuals where it would be inappropriate to invite public comment or questions. However, you can ask more general questions at Council and Cabinet meetings.

If you are not sure which is the appropriate committee for the subject you wish to speak about, or you have any other query about public speaking at meetings, please contact:

Democratic Services
Suffolk County Council
Endeavour House
8 Russell Road

Telephone 01473 265119

Or fill in the Public Participation Online Form