Decision Making

Details of county council committees and meetings, including agendas and minutes

The work of Suffolk County Council is carried out through our committees and meetings.

Anyone can attend a committee meeting at the council and read its agendas, minutes and reports - apart from those items that we are legally required to keep confidential.

All meetings are held Monday to Friday between 10.00am and 5.00pm.

Supporting information

County Council - information about meetings of County Council.

The Constitution sets out who is required to sit on the committee, the role of each committee and what powers they have.

Committee Meeting Dates are part of the events calendar.

Committee Membership shows which councillors and independent members sit on which committee.

Co-opted and Independent Community Members - details of the co-opted and independent community members on the council's committees.

Key Decision Forward Plan lists the Key Decisions that the county council is required to publish under the Local Government Act 2000.

Petitions information about how to petition the county council and its committees.

Public speaking at meetings sets out how you can speak at meetings of the county council and its committees.

What is in the section

Co-opted and Independent Community Members

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  1. Audit Committee
  2. Cabinet
  3. Development Control Committee
  4. Dismissals Appeals Committee
  5. Education Transport Appeals Committee
  6. Education and Children's Services Scrutiny Committee
  7. Health Scrutiny Committee
  8. Individual Cases Committee
  9. Lowestoft Shared Accommodation Joint Committee
  10. Northern Area Appointments Committee
  11. Pension Fund Committee
  12. Police and Crime Panel (Joint Committee)
  13. Rights of Way Committee
  14. Scrutiny Committee
  15. Shared Offices Joint Committee
  16. Southern Area Appointments Committee
  17. Staff Appointments Committee
  18. Suffolk Health and Wellbeing Board
  19. Suffolk Joint Standards Board
  20. Western Area Appointments Committee
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View our current public consultations, get involved and have your say.

  1. Consultation: Corton CE Voluntary Controlled Primary School
  2. Consultation: Home to School Travel Policy
  3. Consultation: School Organisation Review in the Bury area
  4. Felixstowe Fire Station Consultation
  5. Haverhill Experimental Traffic Regulation Order – Camps Road
  6. Nacton Road and Ransomes Way corridor study
  7. Newmarket on-street parking consultation
  8. Statutory Proposal for the closure of Stoke Ash Community Primary School
  9. Suffolk Record Office opening hours consultation
  10. The Budget
  11. Travel Ipswich - Queen Street / Princes Street / Giles Circus / St Nicholas Street / Friars Street
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Information about Petitions

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Public Speaking at Meetings

How to participate in Suffolk County Council meetings.

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The Council

Details about meetings of The Council

  1. Record of Votes at Meetings of the County Council
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