Scrutiny and Monitoring

Information about the role and responsibilities of Scrutiny and Monitoring, including the Monitoring Officer

The role of Scrutiny and Monitoring is to make sure that things are done properly and that council business is conducted in accordance with law and in line with the highest standards.  We also ensure public money is safeguarded, accounted for and used economically, efficiently and effectively.

Scrutiny and Monitoring is led by Tim Ryder who also holds the role of Monitoring Officer, with responsibility for making sure that councillors and officers maintain high standards in all they do, and for investigating possible breaches of these standards.   

Our main responsibilities are:

  • to make sure that county council business is carried out in accordance with law and proper standards;
  • to make information about councillors and democracy widely available to promote public participation;
  • providing an efficient and accountable committee environment to ensure robust and transparent decision-making

We are made up of Audit Services, Democratic Services, Legal Services, the Registration Service and HM Coroner for Suffolk. 

Democratic Services provide support to councillors as community leaders and political managers, the county council's democratic decision-making processes, and the Lord Lieutenant of Suffolk.

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