Children and Young People's Services

The Children & Young People's Service Office brings together education, youth, community health, early years and specialist services for children.

Our vision

Children and Young People's Services: a vision to encourage and enable all children and young people in Suffolk to aspire to and achieve their potential.

Our values are empowerment, respect, innovation, collaboration and commitment.
Our core professional purpose is: to ensure safety, wellbeing and learning.

Sue Cook is the Director for Children and Young People

Our aims and responsibilities

The CYP service office brings together education, early years support, children’s social care, youth support, community health and wider services to support children and families. We fulfil our vision, values and core purpose by providing a range of universal, targeted and specialist services to children and families that are proportionate to their needs. This includes a range of statutory duties in relation to the safety and welfare of children and young people.

Download our CYP Promise - to children, young people and families.

Our commissioning intentions for 2014-15

This letter outlines the commissioning intentions of the CYP directorate. These intentions have been developed by commissioners, working with partners and providers, outline our strategic direction and give advance warning of changes, opportunities and threats to allow providers to plan ahead.

All our services must meet the CYP Quality Practice Standards. These standards define good practice and make explicit what is expected when providing a service to children, young people and families in Suffolk.

Raising the Bar

Raising the Bar is providing a focus for services across Suffolk County Council, with the aim of raising attainment and aspiration across the whole age range from early years to further education. It is also about linking the jobs on offer in Suffolk with the skills needed by improving connections between employers and schools and colleges across the county.

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Partnership priorities

Children and Young People’s Services is a key partner within Suffolk Children’s Trust.

Suffolk Children's Trust brings together all organisations that provide services or support to children and young people in Suffolk. Through identifying where we can work more effectively together than alone, we aim to improve what we do and make Suffolk an even better place for children and young people to grow up.

2012 partnership priorities of the Children’s Trust:

  1. Supporting the emotional wellbeing of children and young people.
  2. Improving young people’s progression post-16.
  3. Supporting young people at risk of becoming homeless.
  4. Preventing harm as a result of domestic violence and/or substance misuse by parents.

The Children’s Trust priorities will remain in place until a Suffolk Joint Health & Wellbeing Strategy is developed. Further information about the Suffolk Children’s Trust Partnership is available on their website.

Integrating services

In the summer of 2011, CYP services were restructured to make better use of available resources and enable early, more effective assessment and intervention to reduce the need for more costly specialist interventions. All services are now based on the following key elements:

  • Improved information sharing by the co-location of the specialist Integrated Access Team service with the Police Central Referral and Tasking Unit. 

  • Early intervention for children with additional needs, who do not meet the children “in need” threshold for specialist services. This is delivered by the 0 - 19 Locality Integrated Teams using the Common Assessment Framework (CAF) as the key early intervention process along with a multi-disciplinary “Team around the Child (TAC)” approach.

  • Streamlined Specialist Services with social care teams providing statutory services to children “in need”, those at risk of significant harm and children who are “looked after”.  Specialist services also include corporate parenting, safeguarding and youth offending services.

  • A re-focussed Learning Improvement Service (LIS) providing leadership for learning, teaching and improvement to secure the highest standards for all children from age 5 to 19 in Suffolk.

More details about the services commissioned or provided by CYP can be found in the Care and Support and Education and Careers section of this website.

Visit the Jobs and Careers section for information on careers working with children, young people and families.

The future of Children and Young People's Services

Making Every Intervention Count is the programme of work which will focus on re-shaping Children and Young People’s Services so they remain effective into the future and provide the best possible outcomes for children and families within available resources.