Adult and Community Services

Information about the Adult and Community Services office.

The Corporate Director of Adult and Community Services is Anna McCreadie.


Anna McCreadie

Anna McCreadie

The vision for Adult and Community Services: 

Adult and Community Services will ensure adults of all ages and abilities who live in Suffolk have opportunities to access leisure activities, learning or work that assist them to develop and sustain their economic, health and social well being, remain independent, and exercise choice and their right to dignity in a safe environment.

Roles and responsibilities

The Adult and Community Service Office (ACS) works in partnership with health services, local councils, the independent, voluntary and private sectors and our colleagues in other areas of the county council, especially the Children & Young People's Service Office.

Services commissioned or provided by ACS include:

Information on other support services, organisations and sources of help can be found on our MyLife website.

Supporting Lives, Connecting Communities

Suffolk County Council’s model of working called Supporting Lives, Connecting Communities (SLCC) is being rolled out across Suffolk during 2014. It is based on helping people to help themselves, helping them to live independently at home for longer, giving them help to get back to independence when they need it and providing ongoing support for those people who need it.

Find out what is new from these SLCC update and briefing documents:

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