Support for Communities

Across Suffolk many of you are already doing such jobs as helping an elderly neighbour or getting involved in a local community group.

Getting Involved

If you would like to get involved in helping in your neighbourhood, you can find the contact details of a wide variety of organisations on Suffolk Infolink

You can also use the help of the Volunteer Centres across the county, or you can look for volunteering opportunities on the "Do It" website.

Funding for projects

If you help to run a group in your community that would like to do some new activities there are grants that you can apply for.  A good starting point is the Suffolk Foundation which has grants officers who can talk you through the grants available and the simple application process.  They can be contacted via Suffolk Foundation website or on the phone: 01473 734120.

Further funding information is available via the Big Lottery website.

Help and information

If you, or someone you know, have come to live in Suffolk the information on the Suffolk welcome pack website will be useful.  This website is in five languages: English, Polish, Portuguese, Russian and Lithuanian.  There is information on education, housing, benefits, health, employment and much more.

As more people have chosen to spend some time living in different parts of the world, we have seen new people arriving to live in Suffolk too.  Some of the new arrivals are the subject of many myths, these leaflets give an overview of the role that migrant workers(pdf 560kB) refugees and asylum seekers (pdf 759kB) and Gypsies and Travellers (pdf 624kB) play in the County.

Whatever you are interested in there is likely to be a group in Suffolk where you can share your interest with others.  Whether your interest is sport, nature, creative or cultural groups there are activities for you to get involved in.  You can look on the Suffolk Infolink website or ask at your local library about activities in your neighbourhood.

What is in the section

Facts about new communities

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between asylum seekers, refugees and economic migrants. The information here will help to explain the difference.

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Information on funding models and grants

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Volunteer - Join In

Information on volunteering opportunities in your Suffolk community

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