Suffolk Mobile Applications

Making our services more accessible using the latest mobile technology.

So what's available

We will be launching the following applications at the beginning of September: 

  • SCC News
  • School Closures
  • Find Your Councillor
  • Trading Standards
  • SCC Social Media
  • Contact Us

How to download the apps

For easy access to our mobile apps please download our “Suffolk County Council Mobile App” to your phone or tablet. To do this please browse to and save the page as bookmark. For iOS devices (iPhones and iPads) you simply need to follow the onscreen instructions, for other devices you will need to manually save the page to you homepage or desktop. This will then place a “Suffolk” app on your device which once selected will display our range of mobile applications.

On Saturday 30 June 2012 Suffolk County Council became the first public sector organisation in the UK to hold a mobile applications hack day.

Why are Suffolk County Council looking at introducing ‘Apps’?

The last 12 months have seen a 700% increase in people accessing via a mobile device and by the end of 2014 it is estimated that more people access the internet via a mobile device than a traditional computer. 

We invited people across the county the suggest apps - we received over 50 great ideas.

We approached local organisations and asked them get onboard and share our vision - we received sponsorship and prizes.

What is a mobile application hack day?

Mobile applications or ‘Apps’ are applications that run on smartphones and other mobile devices. Mobile applications usually help users by connecting them to Internet services more commonly accessed on desktop or notebook computers, or help them by making it easier to use the Internet on their portable devices.

The term ‘hack day’ refers to an event in where a group of computer programmers and enthusiasts sharing a common interest come together and collaborate.

What happened on the day?

The day itself flew past in a buzz of brainstorming, screen staring and intense focus all within the clean, open, bright space at the heart of Endeavour House. There was an impressive turnout of over 60 people - from Council employees, members of the Suffolk community with an interest in tech, school students and hardcore developers.

Cllr Jane Storey welcomed everyone to Endeavour House, Peter Cochrane OBE gave a keynote speech and then everyone was introduced to the mobile application platform on which they would developing their apps upon. It didn’t take long after the formalities for the laptops to be opened and the attendees got down to the serious business of deciding which apps to develop.

Breaks were few and far between as most people chose to eat alongside their laptops as the clock counted down to the deadline

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