Apply for new traffic calming measures

You can request traffic calming from Suffolk County Council quickly and easily online. Find out how using our Highways Reporting Tool.

Traffic calming includes narrowed roads and speed humps to:

  • slow down or reduce amount of road traffic
  • improve safety for pedestrians and cyclists

The quickest and easiest way to request traffic calming online is by using our Highways Reporting Tool.

Do not report a problem online if:

  • it’s on a trunk road in Suffolk - call the Highways England Information Line on 0300 123 5000
  • it's on a private road

Reporting a problem takes about 2 minutes

By using the Highways Reporting Tool, you're agreeing to our terms of use.

You can begin by clicking the Start button, or read the instructions below for further guidance. 


Before requesting

Check for existing reports

You can check if a request has already been made by clicking on the Show Key button on the map.

The coloured icons show the progress of each report.

Information you'll need

Details of the problem including:

  • speed of traffic
  • volume of traffic
  • rat running
  • what do you think is the solution
  • have you discussed the problem with your local council?

Location of the problem, for example:

  • outside number 23
  • next door to the post box or public house
  • near a shopping area, school, hospital, health centre, business or organisation
  • right hand side before the road junction going to a particular street or a place

There is also the option to add a photo of the problem if you're able to, but it isn't a requirement.

How to use the reporting tool

1. Read the information on the entry screen then click the Continue button

2. Find your location by typing the road name, parish or postcode of the problem in the search box. (You can also use the "Find my location" button in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.)

3. Click on the map to plot the location of your request(you can drag and drop to pinpoint the exact location)

4. Complete the Report a Problem form

5. Click the Submit Report button


After requesting

If a safety concern is considered an emergency we will aim to attend to it within 24 hours.

Repairs to defects that are less severe will begin in 2 to 4 weeks after the report has been submitted.

You can view your request on the reporting tool map. 

Other ways to request

Reporting a non-emergency problem online is quicker and easier. It also saves money, which can be used to improve services.

But you can report a problem by email or phone using the following contact details: