Apply for permission to install temporary traffic signals

Temporary traffic signals can be use to manage traffic if there are building works affecting the road.

You do not need permission from us to place temporary traffic signals:


Before you apply

Your application must include:

  • a 1:1000 O.S. based plan showing the length of highways affected, junctions and major access
  • a 1:250 (min) O.S. based plan including:
    • the location of signal heads, showing the distance of each signal from the centre of the junction, the arrow should point towards approaching traffic
    • staging arrangement that clearly relate to the plan
    • dimensioned widths of carriageways
    • proposed signal timings 
    • current speed restrictions on affected roads
    • working area, longways clearance and safety zone

Application for applying for permission to place temporary traffic signals on the highway (PDF, 845KB)

After you apply

If you get permission you must:

  • keep a copy of the approval document on site for the duration of the works
  • display a 24 hour emergency phone number on site which connects to a manned fault reporting service