Residential and Business Exemption Permits

Information about exemption permit schemes for residents and businesses.

If you live in one of the following locations, you can apply for an exemption permit to access or park near to your property.  These schemes aim to give you a fair chance of parking close to residents' homes.  However, they do not guarantee a parking space.  


 Permit  Scheme


 Beccles  Peddars Lane  Residents Parking Permit
 Sudbury  Acton Square  Residents Parking Permit (for residents of Acton Square, Berry Terrace and Church  Walk only)

 East Street

 Residents Parking Permit (for residents of East Street and Springfield Terrace only)
 Woodbridge  New Street  Residents Parking Permit (property numbers 46-62 and 89-101 only)
 Woodbridge  Thoroughfare  Residents Access Permit (Off Street Parking)
 Woodbridge  Thoroughfare  Residents Permit (to load and unload only)
 Woodbridge  Thoroughfare  Disabled Access and Parking Permit










To apply for your Residents Permit please download the Residents exemption permit application form.  

These permits are renewed annually. If you have a permit it is your responsibility to ensure your permit remains current and clearly displayed in the front left hand side of your windscreen.  When your permit is due for renewal, please make sure we receive your request in time for us to issue your new one before the old one expires.