Parking bays for disabled people and applying for an advisory disabled parking bay

Types of parking bays for disabled people and check the criteria to apply for on-street advisory disabled bay markings.

Disabled parking bays (formal or advisory) are a facility for disabled people and all disabled car users are allowed to park within them. They aren't for the sole use of an individual.

There are two types:

Formal bay with sign

  • usually seen in town/village centres where waiting restrictions (yellow lines) exist. A Traffic Regulation Order is needed to enable enforcement (by the Police)
  • they're only considered when a review of waiting restrictions takes place in the area, normally every 3-5 years. Traffic Regulation Orders usually take at least 12 months to put into operation.

Advisory bay with road markings only

  • advisory disabled parking bays can be implemented in residential areas and because they are only advisory, there is no need to go through the lengthy Traffic Regulation Order procedure.

Apply for an advisory disabled parking bay

It's quicker and easier to apply online.

You can:

  • apply for yourself
  • for someone else if you're a nominated person e.g. relative, friend, neighbour or doctor

You'll need the Blue Badge serial number of the person who's applying.



You need to:

  • be dependent on having a vehicle directly outside your property
  • be the driver of the vehicle which will park in the bay or if not the driver, provide evidence that the person will be driving and parking the vehicle in the bay also has mobility issues - advisory bays cannot be provided for other vehicles such as frequent ambulance visits
  • be a blue badge holder 
  • be in receipt of either the higher rate of the mobility component of the Disability Living Allowance (DLA) or the enhanced rate mobility component of the Personal Independence Payment (PIP) confirming you cannot walk more than 20 metres without difficulty  (you will need to provide a copy of the award letter as evidence of receiving the above).  If you do not receive either of the above disability benefits, you will need to provide written supporting evidence from your doctor that you are unable to walk more than 20 metres without difficulty
  • confirm that you do not have any off-road parking available or the possibility of providing such parking within the boundaries of your property in the future

Please note:

  • These disabled parking bays are advisory only.  If non-blue badge holders or other vehicles park within the bay with or without displaying a blue badge, Suffolk County Council will not be able to take any enforcement action to prevent such parking. 


More information about the blue badge scheme is on GOV.UK

Once we receive your completed form, with the appropriate documentation, we will assess your application against the criteria set out in this page (the required documentary evidence and the assessment criteria are both outlined in the "Before you apply" section on this web page.  When we have completed our assessment (which can take up to 4 weeks) we will write to you either:

  • confirming your application has been successful and we will ordering the bay to be painted.  To ensure value for money we will carry out this work when we are carrying out other road markings in your area, meaning it can take up to 20 weeks before the road markings are put down; or
  • advising you that your application has been refused and giving the reasons why it has been refused.


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