Grit bins

Information about how to request a grit bin, or a grit bin that needs refilling in Suffolk.

Grit bins are generally placed at important locations, such as the bottom of hills, or on junctions on minor roads. We agree locations with parish councils to make sure they are in local trouble spots that are on lower priority gritting routes.

Grit from bins must only be used on the public highway - unauthorised use of the salt from the grit bins is considered to be theft.  

We can insure named volunteers for spreading grit or clearing snow providing the parish or town council maintains a list of these volunteers

Following the recent severe weather we understand that there are a number of grit bins that are now empty or close to. A review of the long range weather forecast has identified that further inclement weather that would normally require the use of the grit from these bins is not anticipated.

We are therefore focusing the resources that could refill the bins on maintaining the condition of the roads and footpaths that the recent weather has affected. We will not be carrying out any further restocking of grit bins at this time. Rest assured that we will ensure that all grit bins are fully stocked ahead of the next winter season.

New grit bins can only be requested by a town or parish council or county councillor.

A grit bin costs between £150 and £450 depending on the type. It must be funded by a county councillor, town or parish council.

Salt will be supplied and replenished by us for free.