Minerals specific site allocation documents

This document sets out how we will meet the identified need for sand and gravel until 2021.

We formally adopted the Minerals Specific Site Allocation Development Plan Document on 24 September 2009.

This document forms part of a suite of documents which make up our Minerals and Waste Development Framework and is a sister document to Minerals Core Strategy which contains policies for determining planning applications for minerals related development and was adopted in 2008.

The Minerals Specific Site Allocation Development Plan Document identifies on maps twelve sites for sand and gravel extraction containing 10.53mt and will meet the identified need for sand and gravel until 2021.

In line with the Minerals Core Strategy ten of the sites are extensions to existing quarries. The two new sites previously appeared in Suffolk Minerals Local Plan 1999 which the Site Allocations document replaces.

The sites identified are as follows.

  • Waldringfield (two areas)
  • Coddenham
  • Layham
  • Barham
  • Chilton (new site)
  • Timworth (new site)
  • Homersfield/Flixton (two areas)
  • Worlington/Red Lodge (two areas)
  • Cavenham

A Sustainability Appraisal of sites has been undertaken and is also available below.

These documents are featured as part of the evidence base only.

Cover and Introduction (PDF, 1MB)

1) Introduction (PDF, 1.3MB)

2) General policies (PDF, 2.9MB)

3) Provision of construction aggregates (PDF, 3.2MB)

4) Provision of other minerals (PDF, 1.3MB)

5) Inset maps (PDF, 16.6MB)

Appendix 1 - Environment appraisal (PDF, 3.6MB)

Appendix 2 - Dormant mineral working sites (PDF, 259KB)

Appendix 3 - Specimen planning application forms (excluding certificates) (PDF, 2.4MB)

Appendix 4 - Safeguarding of mineral resources (PDF, 290KB)

Appendix 5 - Glossary of terms and abbreviations (PDF, 1.2MB)

Proposals map (PDF, 2.3MB)

Consultation areas map (PDF, 2.5MB)

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