Most Active County

One ambition, everyone’s goal….most active county in England

The London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games was in every way the ‘spectacle' that we all hoped for. It clearly demonstrated what could be achieved through the inspiration and power of sport, using it as a catalyst for positive change and inspiration both at home and abroad.

Suffolk was quick and enthusiastic to recognise the opportunity the Games presented and almost as soon as the bid for the Games was announced in 2003, work began to bring together business, sport, culture, tourism and voluntary organisations to ensure that the county benefited from the biggest sporting event in the world. 

In order to summarise what was achieved in the county as a direct result of the Games two documents were produced – a Snapshot (PDF, 527 KB) of Suffolk's Games and a more detailed Report (PDF, 1.06 MB) providing a summary of key facts and figures, a range of case studies and quotes, a timeline of key moments in Suffolk's journey to the Games and details on how the county is striving to secure a lasting post-Games legacy.

Suffolk’s key legacy ambition is use the London 2012 Games as a catalyst to become England’s most active county.

Launched in 2012, it’s a long-term campaign which is all about putting the building blocks in place to secure a lasting sustainable impact on physical activity levels in the county. Headline achievements to date include; 

  • 18,000 more people meeting the UK Chief Medical Officer recommended guidelines on physical activity (source: Public Health England Outcomes Framework). 
  • Approximately £1.5million of funding secured support a range of projects aimed at getting people active. 

Suffolk County Council recognises that if we are to truly deliver a sustainable legacy for Suffolk from the Games we must continue to work hard. This is why a partnership approach has been adopted by Suffolk’s key agencies to build on the inspiration of the London 2012 Games, drive participation in sport and physical activity and, ultimately, help Suffolk achieve our ambition of becoming the most active county in England. For more details about how the Most Active County campaign is shaping up visit


    Children running at Haverhill       Anthony Ogogo with the Queen's Baton running on Lowestoft beach       Preparing for the Great East Swim       Winner at a Waveney Gymnastics competition