Parish register copying service

How to obtain copies of parish registers on microfilm or microfiche


Copies of Parish Registers

We can supply copies of many Suffolk original parish registers on microfiche and microfilm. Copies of the majority of registers are in microfiche format, but some exceptionally large, early registers are only available on film. There is a charge for each microfiche or microfilm and a handling charge for each order. For more information please email Ipswich Record Office.

The parish register fiche/film list (PDF, 436Kb) gives details of the years covered on microfiche/film for each parish in Suffolk, the number of fiche and/or film and whether we have received permission to sell copies.

Years covered column

These are the earliest and latest date of entries included in the fiche/film. There may be gaps in the registers and not all events may be covered by these years.

No of fiche column

This number indicates how many fiche cover the registers for the parish eg Acton All Saints has a total of 17 fiche covering 1605 to 1900. To order these fiche would be 17 times the price of each fiche plus handling and postage for 17 fiche. Where possible, the registers have been duplicated on microfiche. However, some registers are too large to be copied onto fiche and therefore are only available on microfilm.

Permission received column

For some parishes, we do not have permission from the incumbent to supply copies of their registers in microform, so you should look at this column to see whether you can purchase the parish in which you are interested. An explanation of the comments are as follows:

  • "No" -  we do not have permission to supply copies therefore the parish is not available
  • "Yes" - we can supply copies
  • "Apply each time" - copies of these are available; you will need to apply for permission from the incumbent before we can process your order.

Please print off the letter of request (PDF, 10Kb) and contact us by e-mail for the name and address of the incumbent to whom you should send the letter. You will need to fill in the details in the letter before posting it off to the incumbent. If the incumbent agrees to your request then the bottom part of the form will be returned to the Ipswich Record Office and we will place your order upon receipt.

Norfolk Record Office (NRO)

The original registers for these parishes, whilst in Suffolk are in the Lothingland Deanery which is part of the Diocese of Norwich and are held in Norfolk Record Office (external website).  You will need to apply directly to them with any request to purchase copies of these registers.

British Library

This applies to Dunwich St Peter only. The original registers are in the British Library (external website) and they should be contacted direct regarding any duplication issues.

How To Order 

Please send your completed order form (PDF, 89Kb), together with your payment to Ipswich Record Office.  Payments can be made by credit card or cheque.  Credit card forms (PDF, 52Kb) should be returned by post to the Ipswich Record Office.  Cheques should be in Pounds Sterling and made payable to Suffolk County Council.  Current prices can be found on our Goods and Services price list (PDF, 37Kb)