The Archaeological Service is the main provider of archaeological conservation, recording and advice services in Suffolk.

In order to promote the conservation, enhancement and understanding of Suffolk's distinctive historic environment:

  • We maintain the Suffolk Historic Environment Record, the definitive record of the county's archaeological sites and heritage assets;
  • We provide archaeological advice to local planning authorities, developers, landowners and farmers;
  • We identify and record archaeological finds discovered by members of the public;
  • We ensure the publication of fieldwork results and other research into Suffolk's past;
  • We hold archaeological archives for the county in our county stores;

On 1st March 2014 we introduced charges for archaeological pre-application and post-consent planning advice. Further details can be found on our Planning and Countryside Advice and our Charges Questions and Answers pages.

Full details are set out in the Archaeology Charging Schedule (PDF, 32kb).

Archaeological planning advice can be requested by completing our online application form.

Our publications are listed here (PDF, 308kb) and can be ordered using this form (PDF, 40kb). Please note than several of our publications are currently available at a special reduced price.

The Archaeological Service can be contacted by emailing and individual contact details can be found in this list of Archaeological Service staff (PDF, 36kb).

We support the initiative, Alliance to Reduce Crime against Heritage (ARCH), by English Heritage, the police and the Crown Prosecution Service to tackle all types of heritage crime (for example illegal metal detecting, damage to scheduled monuments or listed buildings). For Ipswich there is an online reporting system and useful local contact information. Further advice is also available from Suffolk Police.


What is in the section

Archaeological Brief and Specification Application Form

Request archaeological planning advice by completing this online form.

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Archaeological Planning and Countryside Advice

The Archaeology Service gives advice about the conservation of Suffolk's historic environment

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Archaeology Service Charges: Questions and Answers

Archaeology Service Charges: Questions and Answers

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Education and Outreach

We provide exciting and challenging educational work that will inspire people of all ages and abilities.

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Finds Recording

We identify and record archaeological objects found by members of the public

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Historic Environment Record

Information on the Historic Environment Record (HER), including what it is, what resources are available, and how to access them.

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