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Find out about the advice and services provided by the archaeological team and where you can go to learn more about Suffolk’s heritage.

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About the Archaeology Service

The Archaeological Service is the main provider of archaeological advice in Suffolk.

In order to promote the conservation, enhancement and understanding of Suffolk's distinctive historic environment, we:

  • maintain a record of archaeology and heritage assets, the Historic Environment Record
  • provide advice to planners, developers and farmers
  • identify and record finds made by members of the public
  • curate an archive for fieldwork projects carried out in the county
  • publish the results of fieldwork and other research into Suffolk's past

Contact details

There are several ways to get in touch, either


See our list of publications (PDF, 246KB). To order any of our publications, you can download our publications order form (PDF, 274KB). Please note that several publications are currently available at a special reduced price. More publications are published on Suffolk Heritage Explorer website.

Useful links

To find out more about the archaeology of Suffolk or your local area, please visit Suffolk Heritage Explorer.

Suffolk County Council's Archaeological Service is on social media:

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Archaeological planning and countryside advice

Our Archaeology Service offers advice and information about the conservation of Suffolk's historic environment.

Archaeological brief and specification application form

How to make an request for archaeological planning advice from Suffolk County Council.

What to do if you find an archaeological object

The Archaeological Service is a free to use service that can identify and record archaeological objects found by members of the public.

Archaeology service charges

Find information on the services available from the archaeological team and their related charges.

Archaeological Archives service

Suffolk County Council Archaeological Archive is the main repository for material found as part of archaeological fieldwork in the county.

Heritage Crime

Heritage crime is “any offence which harms the value of England’s heritage assets and their setting to this and future generations”.

The Historic Environment Record

The Historic Environment Record (HER) is a collection of information about the nature and location of archaeological sites in Suffolk.