Refugee schemes

Learn how Suffolk has agreed to take up to 230 refugees from the Middle East and North Africa by 2020 and find out how the community can help.

As part of the Government’s Vulnerable Person Resettlement and Vulnerable Children Resettlement Schemes, Suffolk’s Public Sector Leaders unanimously agreed to take up to 230 refugees from these two programmes by 2020. Those coming to Suffolk and across the UK are those at severe risk of harm or death or with serious medical conditions. Plans are in place to bring 23,000 refugees to the UK via these schemes.

A task group which includes representatives from local authorities, health and the voluntary and community sectors co-ordinates the approach in Suffolk to provide appropriate housing, education, health and support services provision

Due to the location of suitable housing, health, education and support services, the refugees are being settled predominantly in the greater Ipswich area. Housing is being arranged via private sector landlords.

Members of the task group work with the Home Office to agree which families come to Suffolk based on the services and facilities we are able to offer. Security and health checks are carried out on all those being considered for resettlement before they arrive in the UK.

Refugees will have refugee status for five years on humanitarian grounds which includes the ability to work.

Find out more

Visit Suffolk Refugee Support and find:

  • what Suffolk is doing to support resettled refugees
  • the latest on appeals for donations and volunteers
  • updates on the resettlement schemes

Suffolk Refugee Support regularly updates their website and Facebook page to show what help they need.