Street lighting and other lit equipment

We manage, maintain and repair most streetlights and other lit equipment on roads and pavements in Suffolk.

There are also some street lights which are the responsibility of borough, district, town or parish councils.  Street lights that are part of a new development such as a housing estate are the responsibility of the developer.  

We carry out regular inspections at night to ensure that all lit equipment managed by us is working properly, but we also rely on the public to report faults.  All faults are normally fixed within 2 weeks.  A higher priority is given to faults that could be dangerous such as exposed electrical wiring - these are normally made safe within 2 hours.

We are also introducing part-night lighting and dimming of street lights - for more information please go to the "Part-night lighting and dimming streetlights" page on this website.  Visit the page "Street lights in my area" on this website to find out how your streetlight might be affected.

Reporting a faulty or damaged street light, lit sign, lit bollard or zebra crossing

Street lights owned by us have a plastic plate on them showing the number of the column and a freephone telephone number to call to report a fault. If you want to report a faulty street light or other lit highway equipment which you think is our responsibility, please provide the location of the lit equipment (i.e. parish/town and road name); the number and type of the lit equipment if you know it and your contact details - our guidance notes will give you more information.   Please use our on line report.

Emergency Faults

If you think the fault is an emergency or you want to report one of the following faults, please contact our Customer Services Centre on 0845 606 6171 instead of using our on line report:

  • electrical wires sticking out from the column/unit;
  • 3 or more adjacent lights out, whole streets, adjacent streets;
  • damaged columns, bollards, signs or lights;
  • flasher units outside schools;
  • belisha beacons at zebra crossings.

Overhanging vegetation obscuring street lights, lit signs, lit bollards or zebra crossings

Please use our online report to tell us about any overhanging vegetation - select report type Road and pathway maintenance, problem type Trees and hedges obstructing road lights. Please tell us:

  • the location (parish, road name/number);
  • the number of the lit equipment (from the plastic plate);
  • the size of any branches which are hanging over the lamp; and
  • whether the tree is on the path or is in a garden of a private residence.

Lit signs that affect the movement of people and traffic

Examples include:

  • fixed traffic signals (not temporary traffic lights at roadworks, etc.);
  • pedestrian crossings (pelican, toucan etc);
  • fixed vehicle activated signs (eg lit "Slow down" signs) - not mobile signs

Please read the information on the "Traffic signals and other lit equipment" page on this website.

Possible problems with the electrical supply

If a street light is flickering and the lights in your property are also flickering, this may indicate an electrical supply fault - to find out, please telephone UK Power Networks  power cuts and emergencies help line on 0800 783 8838.

To report a problem with electrical equipment on trunk roads (PDF, 88.15KB), please call the Highways Agency Information Line.

Some faults are due to loss of power supply which we have to refer to the electricity supplier, currently UK Power Networks. Their priority is to restore supplies to households and businesses so it may take longer to restore power to streetlights affected by loss of power.


The target time to repair faulty street lights is normally within 2 weeks, but this is not always possible.  If we find the cause of a faulty light is a problem with the electricity supply we will refer it to the electricity supplier, and it might take several months for them to fix the fault, depending on their other commitments at the time.

Requests for new lighting

Because we are trying to to reduce light pollution, energy consumption and maintenance costs, we are reluctant to provide any additional lighting.  If you think an additional streetlight is necessary, please contact your local parish or town council to see whether they will support your request as they will normally be expected to pay for the costs of the initial installation, and any associated maintenance and energy costs.


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