Providing information on how we provide and maintain roads, pavements, bridges and cycleways in Suffolk.

Suffolk Highways logo We are working with KierMG as Suffolk Highways to maintain, manage and improve the public highway network in Suffolk.  (The public highway consists of any verge, footway, carriageway, bridleway or footpath, whether or not maintained at public expense, and over which the public has a right of way).  

Please use the links below to find more information, including our on line problem reports and contact details:
For other Highway enquiries please use the following contact details:
  • Telephone 0845 606 6171 (8.30am-6.00pm Monday-Friday, 9.00am-1.00pm Saturdays)
  • Telephone 01473 433444 for out of hours highways emergencies (6.00pm-8.30am Monday-Friday; 1.00pm Saturdays-8.30am Mondays) 










We have to fulfill a number of statutory duties in our role as Highway Authority for these roads, many of which are contained in the Highways Act 1980.  The Highway Maintenance Operational Plan sets out our approach to providing the highway maintenance service to meet our statutory duties. 

Please note, we are not responsible for the maintenance of:

  • trunk roads (A11, A12, A14 in Suffolk) (PDF, 89KB) which are the responsibility of the Highways Agency;
  • private roads which are usually the responsibility of the people who access their properties from the private road. 


What is in the section

Bridges and highway structures

We assess, maintain, and strengthen bridges in Suffolk to comply with European Union requirements.

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Highway Maintenance

We aim to provide and maintain as far as possible safe and accessible public highways.

  1. Highway Drainage
  2. Highway Emergencies
  3. Highway Insurance Claims
  4. Obstructions on roads and footways
  5. Potholes
  6. Roundabout sponsorship
  7. Trees, Grass and Vegetation
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Lorry Management

Working with freight and haulage companies to ensure that lorries use the most suitable routes and roads to travel through or deliver goods in Suffolk.

  1. Abnormal loads
  2. Weight limits
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Kerbside parking is controlled in a variety of ways. Drivers must look out for parking restrictions and obey the regulations.

  1. Dropped Kerbs (vehicular accesses)
  2. Parking for people with disabilities
  3. Parking on pavements and verges
  4. Parking permits - Blue Badge scheme
  5. Residents Street Parking Permits
  6. Suffolk advisory parking standards
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Public rights of way

Public rights of way provide a healthy, safe and sustainable way to access the countryside and other local services.

  1. Landowner Statements about village greens
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Road Safety

We aim to reduce casualties in Suffolk and increase road safety awareness through Education, Enforcement and Engineering.

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Road adoption and naming

Most roads are highways maintainable at public expense by us. Private roads are unadopted and privately maintained.

  1. List of streets
  2. Explore Road adoption and naming further

Roadworks and Improvements

Providing information about roadworks in Suffolk

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Salting, gritting and snow clearing

Maintaining public highways in Suffolk in a safe condition for the travelling public, free from snow and ice as far as is reasonably practicable.

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Signs, lines and street furniture

Maintaining signs, lines and street furniture on the public highway

  1. Keep clear, H and yellow box markings
  2. Road markings and cats-eyes
  3. Street furniture, safety fences, barriers and walls next to the highway
  4. Traffic signs
  5. Waiting and loading restrictions
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Speed limits

Information on speed limits in Suffolk

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Street lighting and other lit equipment

We manage, maintain and repair most streetlights and other lit equipment on roads and pavements in Suffolk.

  1. Pedestrian crossings
  2. Traffic signals and other lit signs
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Traffic Management and Road Safety

  1. Temporary Road Closures
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