Annual Monitoring Reports

Information on the implementation of the Local Development Scheme and the extent to which policies set out in Local Development Documents are being achieved.

Following enactment of the Localism Act 2012 on 6th April, Councils are no longer required to submit an Annual Monitoring Report (AMR) to the Government. However, Councils are still required to prepare an AMR and, with the publication of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF), an annual Local Aggregates Assessment (LAA).  Under these circumstances, from the 2012/13 financial year onwards, Suffolk County Council proposes to prepare a two-part AMR, one for minerals and the other for waste, which will be published separately.  

The following Annual Monitoring Reports are available:

Minerals Policies Monitoring Report 2011/12 AMR (PDF, 297KB)

Waste Policies Monitoring Report 2011/12 AMR (PDF, 2.73MB)

2010/11 AMR (PDF, 603 Kb)

2009/10 AMR (PDF, 190 Kb)

2008/09 AMR (PDF, 185 Kb)


In addition a Baseline Report - Review of the Suffolk Waste Local Plan is available.  Please note that no decision has been made as to the timing of the review of the Minerals or Waste Development Plan documents.

Waste Local Plan Baseline Report 2013 (PDF, 395KB)