Sizewell C nuclear power plant

Details of proposals for Sizewell C, another nuclear power plant in Suffolk

In November 2009 the government announced that Sizewell, amongst other sites, would be a suitable location for a new nuclear power station.

EDF Energy is bringing forward an application to construct and operate Sizewell C.

In 2011 the National Policy Statements for Energy Infrastructure were approved. These contain the policies by which applications for major energy projects are judged, and as such, are relevant to the Sizewell proposals.

The Planning Inspectorate will determine the application, not the local councils. 

However Suffolk County Council and Suffolk Coastal District Council are statutory consultees and will evaluate, challenge and comment upon the proposals for a new nuclear power station to get the best possible outcomes for the people of Suffolk.

There are 4 key milestones in the planning phase of the proposed new power station:

  • Stage 1 consultation - EDF Energy set out the background and context to the development, this consultation concluded on 6 February 2013. Suffolk County Council and Suffolk Coastal District Council sent a joint response to this

  • Stage 2 consultation - A second formal stage of consultation with communities is expected in 2015.

  • Stage 3 consultation - Detailed technical proposals.

  • Submission of Development Consent Order (DCO) to the Planning Inspectorate - the DCO will be produced by EDF Energy following the refinement of their proposals as a result of the public consultation responses.
  • The Planning Inspectorate may take up to a year to assess the application before making a recommendation to the Secretary of State (SoS). Following the recommendation the SoS will have up to three months to make their final decision.

Joint Local Authority Group

We've been working with Suffolk Coastal District Council on Sizewell C, establishing a Joint Local Authority Group in 2012 and a Project Office. For more information about our work see our joint local authority page on the Suffolk Coastal website.


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