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Prior to the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004, Suffolk County Council was required to produce a Structure Plan, which was a countywide Development Plan. It provided a strategic plan for the whole county and set a framework for Local Plans, produced by Suffolk’s district and borough councils.

The Structure Plan as a whole ceased to be part of the Development Plan for Suffolk on 26th September 2007. However, 13 of its policies were temporarily saved under the terms of a direction by the Secretary of State.  

Following the passing of the Localism Act and a Strategic Environmental Assessment on the impacts of revoking the Regional Strategy, the saved Structure Plan policies were revoked on 3rd January 2013 through an Order in Parliament laid down by the Secretary of State. As such, no policies of the Structure Plan remain in force.  

The Structure Plan is presented here for historical record, but it is no longer relevant to determining planning applications or producing local plans.

Structure Plan

Contents (PDF, 31Kb)
Foreword (PDF, 19Kb)
Introduction (PDF, 82Kb)
National and Regional Context (PDF, 69Kb)
Aims and Objectives (PDF, 80Kb)
Background to County Strategy (PDF, 115Kb)
County Strategy (PDF, 113Kb)
Environment (PDF, 143Kb)
Economy (PDF, 119Kb)
Transport (PDF, 107Kb)
Recreation, Sport and Leisure (PDF, 77Kb)
Minerals and Waste (PDF, 151Kb)
Environmental Appraisal (PDF, 103Kb)
Monitoring and Review  (PDF, 58Kb)
Written Statement (PDF, 73Kb)
Key Diagram (PDF, 2.2Mb)
Appendices (PDF, 101Kb) (containing  List of policies; Waste policies retained for development control purposes;  Glossary; and List of abbreviations).

Saved Policies, September 2007-January 2013

In the course of implementing the 2004 Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act, the Secretary of State "saved" 13 Structure Plan policies until they were replaced by policies in the Regional Strategy or superseded by policies in Local Plans.

Secretary of State’s September 2007 Direction (PDF, 21 Kb)

Covering Letter from the Government Office for the East of England (GO East) (PDF, 152 Kb)

Original saved policies and covering text (PDF, 76Kb)

Of those 13 policies, ENV21 and ECON7 were replaced by policies ENV2 and E4 of the East of England Plan in 2008.  A further 3 policies, MP2, MP4 and MP8, were superseded by policies in the adopted Suffolk Minerals Core Strategy in 2008.