Kerbside parking is controlled in a variety of ways. Drivers must look out for parking restrictions and obey the regulations.

Parked cars obstructing accesses/driveways are dealt with by the Police.  Suffolk County Council have no powers to stop people inconsiderately parking or to enforce traffic restrictions.

What is in the section

Dropped Kerbs (vehicular accesses)

Processing applications for vehicular accesses (dropped kerbs)

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Parking for people with disabilities

Providing disabled parking bays for residents whose mobility depends on having a vehicle parked immediately adjacent to their home.

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Parking on pavements and verges

Maintaining the safety of roads and pavements by reducing parking on pavements and verges.

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Parking permits - Blue Badge scheme

The Blue Badge scheme provides a range of parking concessions to help disabled people travel independently, by allowing them to park close to their destination.

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Residents Street Parking Permits

Information on providing parking permits.

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Suffolk advisory parking standards

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