Road Safety

We aim to reduce casualties in Suffolk and increase road safety awareness through Education, Enforcement and Engineering.

The SuffolkRoadsafe Partnership brings together organisations involved with road safety in the county with the aim of reducing casualties on the Suffolk road network and increase road safety awareness through:


The tasks involved in learning to stay safe on the roads are complex - whether as a pedestrian, cyclist, motorcyclist or driver.  Parents, carers, teachers and community groups can call upon the assistance of road safety officers, police and fire personnel to help children and young people to become safe road users.  Even adults, including professional and mature drivers, can gain from our advice and resources.

SuffolkRoadsafe has its own website, which contains information about all aspects of road safety in the county as well as news, reports and downloads.

Suffolk Roadsafe website picture


Visit the SuffolkRoadsafe website for information about schools road safety, Bikeability cyclist training, driver training, GrandDriver scheme and motorcycle advice.


Engineering treatments may offer a permanent speed management solution at locations where speed is a problem.  Funding is limited and local conditions influence what treatments may be used.  

Visit the SuffolkRoadsafe website to see annual collision reports, speed management information, speed indicator displays (SID), and safety audits.

Suffolk County Council is responsible for all the roads in the county except trunk roads (PDF, 311KB).


Suffolk Constabulary is committed to making the county's roads safer.  As well as enforcing the traffic law, the Police are responsible for safety cameras and community speed watch in the county.