Reducing False Alarms (Unwanted Fire Signals)

97% of our call outs to commercial premises are to false alarms; we want to work with you to reduce these situations.

Under fire safety law, employers and others responsible for buildings must provide effective fire precautions to protect employees, as well as people who may be visiting or using their property.  The fire detection and fire alarm system forms part of those fire precautions.

If an automatic fire detection and fire alarm system is used and maintained properly, its fast response to a fire in its early stages can greatly reduce the risk to life and limit damage to property.  However, the features that provide this fast response can also cause false alarms.

Responding to false alarms diverts the fire and rescue service from their fire prevention and protection duties, and stops them from dealing with real emergencies.  They also disrupt work patterns and valuable training programmes.

Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service has produced a leaflet, 'Reducing Fire Alarm Signals - Advice to Business', offering information and guidance to anyone responsible for a commercial building.

For more information about reducing fire alarm signals, please contact the Business Support Team on 01473 260588 and ask to speak to the Duty Fire Safety Officer.

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