Post Fire Safety Audit Feedback, Comments, Complaints and Reporting a Fire Safety Deficiency

How to give feedback, make a comment or complaint, report a fire safety deficiency or appeal a Legal Notice

Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service are keen to offer businesses and other customers the opportunity to provide feedback regarding how we have discharged our regulatory responsibilities under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and would invite you to provide feedback. We also randomly send 'Post Fire Safety Feedback' letters annually to ascertain how well we are doing.

Should you have concerns or wish to comment about the service provided by any Protection Officer, you can Make a Complaint.

Should you enter any premises, other than a single private dwelling, and have concerns about the fire safety provision you can report these concerns to the Duty Fire Safety Officer, using the following details.

The types of complaints we routinely deal with are locked and blocked fire exits, faulty fire alarm systems and lack of training provision for employees.

We strive to make a response to any fire safety complaint within 4 hours, if during normal office hours, and as soon as possible in all other situations.

Duty Officer (Fire Safety)

Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service operates a Duty Officer System and the Duty Fire Safety Officer is available Monday to Thursday 0900-1700 and Friday 0900-1600.

Should you have any enquiries relating to fire safety in any premises other than a single private dwelling, or any other fire safety related enquiry, you can contact the Duty Fire Safety Officer who will endeavour to provide an answer to your enquiry.

To talk to the Duty Fire Safety Office, please contact the Fire Business Support Team on 01473 260588.

On very rare occasions out of office hours where the fire safety provision at a premises is very poor and persons are being placed in immediate risk, e.g. there is a high likelihood of a fire occurring and if it did occur persons would be seriously injured or killed, a call may be made to Combined Fire Control using the 999 system.

How to Appeal a Legal Notice

A legal Notice, such as an Alterations, Enforcement or Prohibition Notice, may be appealed under Article 35 of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. If you have received a Notice, your right to Appeal and how to do this will be attached to the Notice.

Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service would like to resolve any issues arising from a legal Notice without engaging the legal process and we encourage you to contact us to discuss your concerns in the first instance, should you wish to do so.

Contact the Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service Protection (Fire Safety) Technical and Enforcement Department on 01473 260588.

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