This section provides information on our work with young people; advice on keeping you safe when you are at home, on the road and out and about

We receive over 10,000 calls for assistance each year and respond to around 8,000 emergencies including fires and rescuing people from road traffic collisions.

Whether it’s a road crash or a fatal house fire, nearly every emergency we’re called to could be avoided. That’s why we do so much work in schools and the community to help people understand why accidents happen and how they can be prevented.

Have a look through this section to find out how you can live a safer life, and about the support Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service can offer.

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What is in the section

Fire Safety Information Leaflets

Download an SFRS Fact Sheet to access important fire safety information and advice for a wide range of situations

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Home Safety

Guidance on how to make your home safer

  1. In The Event of Fire
  2. Planning a Safe Escape
  3. Explore Home Safety further

Outdoor Safety

In this section we provide advice on the risks associated with outdoor activities

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Youth Support/Education

We are working with young people to reduce fire crime and anti-social behaviour

  1. Crucial Crew
  2. Firebreak Scheme
  3. Firesetter Intervention Programme
  4. SFRS Road Safety Initiatives
  5. School Fire Liaison Officer (SFLO)
  6. Explore Youth Support/Education further