Special Services

We respond to a wide variety of emergencies including serious flooding and dealing with the aftermath of terrorism and some of our services may incur a charge.

We are governed by law and guidance; of particular relevance is the Fire Services Act 2004.  This Act not only requires provision for fire fighting purposes but also promotion of fire safety, known as community safety. In Suffolk this type of community safety is just one component of a wider strategy. Attendance at road traffic collisions is also a requirement of the Act. 

The Act also provides express powers to respond to all kinds of other emergencies.  An emergency incident other than a fire is known as a "special service" and there are some special services which are chargeable.

Examples of emergency non-chargeable special services include:

  • attendance at road traffic collisions, including extrication of casualties and making safe of vehicles;
  • freeing entrapped people or animals;
  • attendance at chemical/hazardous material incidents; and
  • effecting entry to tackle a fire or save a life.

Examples of chargeable special services are:

  • if you or anyone else is stuck in a lift
  • if you are locked out of your car or premises/property
  • the testing dry rising mains
  • effecting entry (no life or fire risk)
  • recharging extinguishers
  • attendance at chemical/hazardous material incident on private property (other than domestic properties) if there is no life risk.

 Further details of our charges can be found on the Scale of Charges.

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