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The purpose of Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service is to provide cost effective services that meet all relevant legislative requirements, delivered by safe, well trained staff, to improve the quality of life for people in Suffolk; our ambition is to make Suffolk a place where people can live safe and fulfilling lives.

This means that deaths and injuries from fires and road traffic accidents are at the lowest level possible, levels of recorded fire-related crimes are low, businesses are aware of their responsibilities regarding fire safety and people feel safe in their own homes.

Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service has built up a reputation locally, regionally and nationally for high performance, continuing to be one of the most cost effective services in the country through continuously improving what we do and how we do it. Our plans for 2014-2017 build on this reputation by delivering a range of work against each of our priorities which support our ambition.

Our challenge for the future is to continue to improve to meet the changing demands of the community and we must do this in a way which ensures our Wholetime and On-Call firefighters have the equipment and training they need to continue to work effectively and safely. Our role is primarily  to deliver effective prevention, protection and emergency response services. We promote community safety  and fire prevention, focusing on vulnerable groups, such as the elderly, those with limited mobility, families with young children, and young drivers who are at greater risk of being involved in road traffic collisions.

Our statutory duty to ensure compliance with legal fire safety protection requirements is fulfilled through enforcing the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 which focuses on ensuring people are safe from fire when at work or in public buildings.

We provide emergency services 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year to the communities of Suffolk and its visitors. The work we do in communities to reduce fires and fire related deaths and injuries is a major contribution to reducing risk in the community and making Suffolk safer.

There are 35 fire stations across Suffolk, crewed by a combination of Wholetime and On-Call firefighters; 28 of these fire stations, mostly in rural locations, are crewed by On-Call crews only.

Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service Structure Chart (PDF 177 kb)

Integrated Risk Management Plan

Each year, Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service create a plan, known as the Integrated Risk Management Plan (IRMP), detailing how we can improve public safety, reduce the number of emergency incidents and save lives.

What is Integrated Risk Management Planning?

It is an assessment of all risks to life and injury to the community, resulting in a long-term plan to make the Fire and Rescue Service more responsive to locally identified needs.

This means targeting our resources so that we can prevent incidents from happening, while also making sure our resources are in the right location to best protect the community.

We ensure that the plan is:

  • Regularly reviewed and revised, and reflects up to date risk information and evaluation of service delivery outcomes
  • Demonstrates how prevention, protection and response activities will be best used to mitigate the impact of risk on communities in a cost effective way
  • Provides details of how we deliver our objectives and meet the needs of communities through working with partners

How do we do this?

We follow a 5 stage approach to develop the plan:

  1. Identify existing and potential risk to the community 
  2. Evaluate the effectiveness of current preventative, protective and response arrangements
  3. Identify opportunities for improvements and determine policies and standards for prevention and intervention
  4. Decide what resources are needed
  5. Ensure there are arrangements  to monitor and review

Download a copy of the 2014-2017 Integrated Risk Management Plan for Suffolk.



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By using online transactions you are helping us to save money which we can use to provide other services. You can view a full list of all the transactions on our website here. If you need further assistance with the topics discussed on this page, please use the following numbers to contact us.

Email: Fire.BusinessSupport@suffolk.gov.uk
Telephone: 01473 260588, 0900-1700 (Mon-Thurs), 0900-1600 (Fri)

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