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'Lottery scammers on the prowl' - September 2012

LETTERS, emails or calls about a lottery win can seem like a dream come true, but Trading Standards is issuing a stark warning as part of this month’s Scampaign.

In reality, these messages of congratulations can often signal the start of a scam nightmare, leaving people out of pocket or at risk of identity theft.

Operation Troy Update- June 2012 

Anthony Muldoon was detained in Spain under a European Arrest Warrant sought by trading standards officers at Suffolk County Council, is in custody today after appearing in court over an alleged multi-million pound internet scam involving escort and debt assistance websites.He appeared before South East Suffolk Magistrates’ Court in Ipswich for the first hearing of his case on Saturday. Muldoon has been charged with two counts of conspiracy to defraud.

Two other people – a 59-year-old woman from Scotland, but with links to Suffolk, and a 29-year-old man from South Africa have also been detained in Spain under European Arrest Warrants in connection with the case. They are expected to be flown back to England soon.

'Scampaign Kicks Off with Doorstep Crime

UNSCRUPULOUS doorstep sellers are under the spotlight this month as Trading Standards begins its six month long ‘Scampaign’.

Doorstep sales are an increasingly common way for scammers to prey on vulnerable people and Trading Standards are determined to raise awareness through their 2012 campaign.

Download our doorstep sales advice guide (PDF 434K) and watch two local Consumer Champions discussing how to avoid being caught out by doorstep traders.

"Scampaign" Launched to protect Suffolk people- May 2012

Suffolk Trading Standards have launched a six month crackdown on rogue traders and cold callers, caled 'Scampaign'.

A variety of scams will be looked at from doorstep crime, online  to lottery scams. How the scams work, and why people fall for them will be examined.

Later this month, video interviews and fact sheets will be released to deal with the first scam, doorstep selling.

Read more about 'Scampaign' 

Suffolk Farmer sentenced for neglecting cattle- April 2012

Suffolk farmer sentenced to two months imprisonment suspended and 250 hours unpaid work order for causing serious and unnecessary suffering to cattle

A Suffolk Farmer has been sentenced to two months imprisonment suspended and 250 hours unpaid work order for causing serious and unnecessary suffering to cattle in his care.

Ian Alexander Ogilvie, from Thorpeness, Leiston, pleaded guilty to nine offences at Ipswich Magistrates Court. He admitted to causing unnecessary suffering, giving his cattle inadequate food, ignoring requests from Suffolk Trading Standards to provide details of their movements on and off the premises, and failing to report deaths.

Mr Ogilvie has also been issued with a disqualification order for life which will prevent him from owning farmed animals. He failed to keep a veterinary medicines record which breached the Animal Welfare Act 2006, the Cattle Identification Regulations 2007 and the Veterinary Medicines Act 2005.

Trading Standards officers and vets from Animal Health had been closely monitoring the cattle since February 2011 after concerns were raised about their condition by members of the public. However, despite many visits to advise and help Mr Ogilvie to resolve the situation, when Trading Standards officers and animal health vets visited the premises in March 2011, the animals were showing signs of distress and were visibly thin.

Following negotiations with Mr Ogilvie, the animals were signed over to Suffolk Trading Standards. Officers then worked with him and, with the kind assistance of a neighbouring farmer, the animals’ condition improved. Once the cattle were fit to be moved, they were then transported to Hillside animal sanctuary, who offered them a permanent home.

Councillor Colin Spence, Suffolk County Council’s Portfolio Holder for Public Protection said;

“We would like to pass on our sincerest gratitude to Hillside Animal Sanctuary for providing these animals with a safe and healthy environment in which to recover. We have since visited Hillside and are happy to say that some of the cattle are completely unrecognisable with the extra weight they have gained and their glossy coats.

“Not everybody knows that Suffolk Trading Standards play a key role in promoting and maintaining standards of animal health and welfare in Suffolk – we work closely with organisations to ensure that farm animals in our county are kept in healthy and safe conditions and that the owners are able to look after them properly.”

Anyone concerned about the welfare of farm animals in Suffolk should contact Trading Standards on 08456 040506.

Operation Troy- Ongoing

Operation Troy is a lengthy international investigation by Suffolk Trading Standards and supported by Suffolk Constabulary. In regards to two advance fee frauds that have netted an estimated £6 million and 15,000 victims have already been identified.