School term & holiday dates

Find out the dates your child is expected to be in school and when the school holidays take place

Each year your child is expected to attend school for 190 days. These days are spread across three terms; autumn term, spring term and summer term.

Non-pupil days: local upper and high schools will usually work their feeder primary or middle schools to identify five days during the school year to use as professional development (non-pupil) days. To find out when your child's school will be having a non-pupil day please contact the school directly.

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The decision when to have non-pupil days also known as 'PD days' is the responsibility of individual schools, not Suffolk County Council. Schools should make the dates of non pupils days available to parents and carers (usually on their website and/or by letter). 


Autumn Term 2014

Begins 3 September 2014
Ends 19 December 2014

Autumn Half Term

Begins 27 October 2014
Ends 31 October 2014

Christmas Holiday

Begins 22 December 2014
Ends 2 January 2015

Spring Term 2015

Begins 5 January 2015
Ends 27 March 2015

Spring Half Term

Begins 16 February 2015
Ends 20 February 2015

Spring (Easter) Holiday

Begins 30 March 2015
Ends 10 April 2015

Summer Term 2015

Begins 13 April 2015
Ends 22 July 2015

Summer Half Term

Begins 25 May 2015
Ends 29 May 2015


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Forthcoming school years

School holidays

At the end of each term, there is a holiday:

  • Christmas break (end of autumn term)
  • spring break (end of spring term) and
  • summer break (end of summer term).

Each term also has a half term break.