Education and careers

Providing information on schools, children's centres, SEN support, transport, financial help, jobs, teaching and community learning opportunities.

What is in the section

Adult Learning and Careers Advice

If you want to improve your basic skills or job prospects, build your confidence, or be more creative, it is never too late to get back into learning.

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Early Years and Childcare

Everything you need to know as a parent or childcare provider

  1. 2 year old funding information
  2. Information and guidance for childcare providers
  3. Information and guidance for parents
  4. Resources
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Jobs and Careers

View the latest Suffolk County Council jobs plus Information and advice on training and continuing professional development available to SCC staff

  1. Interested in working with children, young people and families
  2. Learning and development
  3. Opportunities for young people
  4. Staff Networks at Suffolk County Council
  5. Job Vacancies
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Pupil Welfare and Support

Information on Pupil Welfare and Support.

  1. Bullying at school
  2. Children missing from education
  3. School exclusion
  4. Child employment
  5. Performance and chaperone licences
  6. School attendance
  7. School attendance: penalty notices
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Schools & Support in Education

An overview of educational options and admissions processes for children in Suffolk, plus support for governors, pupil welfare and improving school standards

  1. Academies and Free Schools
  2. School admissions
  3. Introducing Children and Young People's Services
  4. Duke of Edinburgh's Award
  5. Education Other than at School (EOTAS)
  6. Free school meals
  7. General information
  8. Learning and Improvement Service
  9. Out of school & holiday activities
  10. Raising the Bar
  11. Raising the participation age (RPA)
  12. School Organisation Review
  13. School governors
  14. School term & holiday dates
  15. Schools in Suffolk
  16. Teach in Suffolk
  17. The parent hub - help and advice for parents and carers
  18. Youth support and advice
  19. e-safety information and advice
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Special Educational Needs

Information for disabled children, young people and their families about support for education, short breaks, young carers, sensory and communication services

  1. Access Unlimited
  2. Education, Health and Care needs assessment process (EHC)
  3. Interpreters for deaf parents
  4. Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) Information, Advice & Support Service
  5. SEN transport support
  6. Special schools
  7. Special units
  8. Suffolk's Local Offer
  9. Sensory and communication service
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